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The $text operator treats most punctuation in the string as. .
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  • The following example code removes all of the lowercase letters from the given string: String str = "abc ABC 123 abc"; String strNew = str.
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    The remove () method can take a query document and an optional justOne boolean: Or the method can take a query document and an optional remove options document: Changed in version 5.

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    Coding example for the question Remove Duplicate character from string in Mongodb-mongodb.

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  • forEach(function (field) { if ((field.
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    The order of the elements in the character array doesn't affect the trim operation.

  • We can create the following macro to do so: Sub RemoveChar () Dim i As Integer For i = 2 To 8 Range ("B" & i) = Replace (Range ("A" & i), "this", "") Next i End Sub.
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    Step 2 – Connecting App to Database.

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