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In this tutorial we learn how to use Winson WCS series Hall Effect Current sensors with Robjax WCS Arduino Library. The INA219 breakout board can be powered by the 5V or 3V pin on your Arduino and communicates via I2C.
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    If you apply 220V AC to the input, you will see a voltage sinusoidal diagram on the Serial.

  • Recall the high school lectures, current can be measured only in series.
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    Additionally you will want to add code to turn the neopixel strip on so that there is some current to measure! If you're not familiar with using the NeoPixel library, please consult the excellent NeoPixel Überguide page on the subject.

  • The ACS712 connects directly to any Arduino board.
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    The INA219 module is used to measure both current and voltage at the same time.

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  • There is no use in just interfacing a sensor with Arduino.
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    The following image shows a simple connection between Arduino UNO and the Joystick Module.

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